Domain : Mobile Application
Sr. No. Title Guide Abstract
1 On Cart Er. Archana Gopnarayan OnCart is an on-demand grocery delivery platform. The application will locate and display all nearby shops opened in the area and will also display reviews and ratings of the shops given by the users. All the products available in the shop are displayed and order placed by users can be view in order history.
2 Darzi App Er. Shonal Vaz The project is aimed to automate the tailoring sector which is manually maintained. After the automation this will mean better services and good keeping of records, data integrity, data security, quick search and also paperless environment. The project has mainly tackled management of information for the customers and in decision making. Every user of the system will have to log into the system using username and password so that security and authentication will be ensured. Once logged in, the admin can make the order, and manage his customers by adding deleting or updating.
3 STOCKNET Er. Shonal Vaz StockNet is an on-demand Stock advisory platform. This application is mainly confined to the stock market behavior and is intended to devise certain techniques for investors to make reasonable returns from the customer.
4 Vidyalankar Application Er. Sridevi Taradi This project is a mobile application for the Vidyalankar Polytechnic College which will update stuudents regarding all the latest news and events pertaining to the college. A username and password will be provided to students to login to the application. Students can use the various features in the application such as the competitions feature to give their details for participation in the various competitions that take place in Vidyalankar Polytechnic.
5 Social Connect Er. Sridevi Taradi The application is basically helping environment with small amounts of donation which they can help to survive. My application is basically made to keep nature safe for future generation This application we will motivate user to connect with nature this application will be made to plant trees, help street dog discover more places  discover new people make friends.
6 Rental system Er. Bhagyashri Kulkarni The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for users and rental products owners in an effective and efficient manner This project is designed to be used by anyone for renting their products. It is an online process to which customers can register and view the available products and then rent the products . It provides services such as Hiring Motor Vehicles, Service Apartments, Hotels, Guest Houses, Meeting & Conference Halls, Audio visuals, Party rentals, Computers and Other Products.
7 My Barber Application Er. Bhagyashri Kulkarni In this project we are developing an Application to connect Barber and Customer. This application will be beneficial for both barber and customer where barber can earn profit, grow his business online and customer can save time and money.
8 Blood Bank Er. Bhagyashri Kulkarni In this project we are developing an Application to connect donor and receiver relation. The project's aim is to develop an application system to minimize the manual work for Blood bank, Donor and blood group management. The main goal of the Blood Bank and Donor Management System project is to monitor Blood Bank data, Blood stock, Donor List.
9 Farmer Basket Er. Ketan Bagade Mobile applications and services make things simpler fulfilling our daily needs for information , communication , entertainment or leisure. Mobile applications have brought a new revolution . In this paper we provide one such mobile application “ Farmer Basket “ is a mobile application built keeping the farmers in mind and also a common man who wants to grow vegetables for daily need it keeps the farmer updated with all the information related to crop and which crop to grow in which season and which crop is suitable for particular area in which the farmer is living.
10 Online Unused Medicine Donation for NGOs Er. Ketan Bagade The “online medicine donation system portal” is an online medicine donation web Application, online medicine donation system is online web portal where people, government hospitals, do the task of providing unused medicine to the needed person .The aim and objective of this medicine donator project are to prepare a portal for the collection of unused medicine for further utilization by a needy person. The website must be like user can donate the unused medicine to NGO. That NGO can help needy people. The user can donate the medicine. it’s can be claimed by NGO.
11 Online Auction App Er. Sushama Pawar A public sale in which goods or a particular products are sold to the highest bidder .When a particular product is uploaded the different people can put there price accordingly .If first person says a particular amount the second person has to say higher amount than the first ones. First, the customer and the seller has to create a profile. The customer which are interested in a product can participate. . A particular number of people only can participate in auction. Then afterwards, the people can bid for amount. There will be a timer for every auction. Once the timer goes off the higher bidder will get the product . Once the product is won by the bidder they have to pay the amount of the product.
12 Best to Buy Er. Sushama Pawar A great Price viewing web application are becoming more popular since E commerce revolution. The data and values provide by the price comparison sites helps consumers to save money while shopping online. The ability to check the price of products brings convenience and saves a lot of time. Price comparison is done when the price of the same product is compared in different outlets. There are many online shopping sites which are being used to shop various products online. A particular product has different prices on every different shopping site. We need to check manually the price of the product on every site, which causes inconvenience and consumes a lot of time.
13 Hot wheels buying,selling & Rent Er. Prerana Jalgaonkar Hotwheels app is one mobile based application. It deals with Bike Selling, Buying and one more option we are providing services like Bike on Rent. User will have direct accessibility to interact with the admin as the app consists of options for communication. All the Spare parts for every bike will be get sell using this application.
14 VLocate Er. Prerana Jalgaonkar VLocate App is designed for new visitors and parents. They can view the map of Vidyalankar Polytechnic . They can view floor wise map, search for classrooms, labs, staff room etc. Maps are inserted in PDF format, which will get zoom-in and out feature. Secondly, Teachers are segregated according to three departments such as Computer Engineering ,Information Technology and Electronics & Telecommunication.Every teacher has own profile page containing Name, profile photo, email-id, phone number and regular timetable.
15 Eluver Exotics Er.Shonal Vaz The importance of having pets in our Lives has evolves much more during the pandemic. Each and every individual got stuck with their Mobiles, Laptops & various Electronic Gadgets. As a result, the vision of all the age group were affected. So, to overcome this situation, Eluver Exotics came up with an idea of introducing Exotic Birds.
16 Zoophilist Online Network (ZON) Er. Sunil Dodake In short, our application is designed to help increase the reach of NGO’s by lowering the time and effort that is required to contact help in cases of animal health emergencies. We have used firebase database for handling user Authentication. The whole app is built using Flutter SDK and Dart Programming Language