Domain : Mobile Application
Sr. No. Title Guide Abstract
1 Android Music Player Er. Supriya Angne This software is used for android operating system, it can be used easily for music and it’s convenient and quick, it uses simple UI and in this software music can be played without paying any money, and you can use it to change the state of the mobile phone, unique menu can give the users perfect experience
2 Car Service and Reselling App Er. Prasad Koyande Our solution is the Mobile application which will be available for the owners as well as the customer of S.P Auto-works. Using this application user can send service request and can be able to receive timely remainder in form of notification regarding services if not done at regular interval from S.P Auto-works. User of an application can also resell his old car using this application.
3 Devtube – Video Streaming Platform Er. Swati Ranade DevTube is where you will find videos from conferences collected by developers for developers. The website already includes several videos. Just as Programmers look for news that is going to interest developers and curate it, allowing you to find it by topic, DevTube now do the same for conference videos, providing a Search facility and a set of filters.
4 Digital Entry Er. Vijay Patil To create a system for maintaining the records of visitor. The existing system faces few disadvantages such as, Visitor(s) can’t check the availability of the of visitor from visitor‘s location. Manually booking a visitor will be complex work to admin. Blocking a troublesome visitor(s) is not possible in the system
5 Ease My Transport Logistics App Er. Swati Ranade It is a mobile application for packers and movers and for shipping industry. Due to covid-19 outbreak every sector has got affected and every growing industry is a bit behind from it’s developing phase. This application can help the small-scale transport business and the large-scale shipping industry for ease in transport management. People can use this application for shifting or rental purpose. This app will provide a business opportunity to the small-scale business to provide their services directly to the customers.
6 Food Recipe app Er. Sudhir Lawand Our project will help-out for Blogging for sharing new upcoming ideas and recipes by people everywhere. Receives recipes for cooking with the ingredients in your kitchen. It will save your cooking time. Those who are interested in cooking its best application for them.
7 Grievance Redressal System Er. Poonam Pawar A grievance is a discontent or dispute which could arise at any level in any organization. If the organization is an academic institution, then this issue becomes more sensitive and important. Students are the most vulnerable entities at educational institutions often fail to express and sometimes fail to seek proper support for the issues they face arising at numerous levels. Thus, on analysing the prevailing state of redressed mechanisms of grievances at some of the prestigious colleges, it came as a revelation that none of them had a completely formulated grievance redressal mechanism to address the arising conflicts in the lives of the students. In wake of the above mentioned problem as an implication, a prototype of grievance redressal must be work out which could comply well with the solution provision for the arising conflicts for students. In this project, we focus on the development and the execution of the grievance redressal for students.
8 Internship for VP Er. Sonal Gupta To automate the current manual system. Teachers can give information about internship and assess reports. Students can apply for internship and submit reports. Resume feature for students
9 Intruder Alert Er. Sonal Gupta Security App: Intruder Alert is a security app. It can protect your phone from outside intruders who wants to get the information of your data.
10 Property Management App Er. Sayali Kadam This is an android application which gives list of Properties for buying, selling and renting. In this app, you can view property with all details like the area of the property, price, facilities, etc. User can add own property for buy, sell and rent. Filter option is provided to get the results as per needs.
11 YouPlayEd – Music Instrument Trainer Er. Swati Ranade YouPlayEd is Music Instrument Trainer Application which helps user to get in a music learning environment. It helps a user to learn instruments like Keyboard, Guitar & Drum-Kit from scratch without having any prior knowledge about them. YouPlayEd also gives user an experience about how an instrument works and give them tips and tricks about the instrument.
12 Online Plant Booking System Er. Siddhesh Vaidya “Online Plant Booking System” can be useful to overcome a lot of challenges coming in the farming and nursery field. Physically every operation is not possible to perform smoothly. Therefore, it is need of today to implement technology in this field.