Anti - Ragging Committee

Ragging is a punishable offense by law. It is viewed very seriously and the Supreme Court has issued strict orders to curb the menace of ragging in educational institutes. VSIT has zero tolerance towards ragging. The institute has never experienced or reported a single case of ragging till date. Newly admitted students are assured of the safe and student-friendly environment prevalent on the campus during their induction program. The Institute has set up an Anti-Ragging Committee under the leadership of the Head of the Institute to ensure that measures for prevention of ragging and monitoring mechanisms are in place. There are also provisions for actions to be taken against students for indulging in and abetting ragging.

The Committee comprises:
⦁ Representatives of civil and police administration
⦁ NGOs involved in youth activities
⦁ Representatives of faculty members
⦁ Representatives of parents
⦁ Representatives of students belonging to the fresher’s category as well as senior students
⦁ Representative of administrative staff
The Committee undertakes the following measures:
⦁ Takes an affidavit from every student and parent at the time of admission
⦁ Keeps these affidavits in safe custody – digital copy of all affidavits is also maintained
⦁ Ensures the completion of all statutory requirements
⦁ Creates and activates Anti Ragging Squad – for regular and surprise visits and on the spot inquiry
⦁ Provides mentoring cell, help desks, help phone line
⦁ Publicizes anti-ragging measures
⦁ Undertakes awareness campaigns
⦁ Maintains a log of all anti-ragging activities

Sr. No. Constitution Name of Member Designation
1 Head of the Institution Mr. Ashish Ukidve Chairman
2 Representative of Civil and Police Administrationr Senior Inspector, Wadala TT Member
3 Non-Government Organization involved in Youth Activities Dr. Archana Samarth Member
4 Faculty Members Mr. Imran Sayyed Member
5 Ms. Bhagyashri Kulkarni Member
6 Ms. Madhavi M. Member
7 Ms. Bindu Nair Member
8 Mr. Vijay Thube Member
9 Representative of Parents Mr. Ajay Pawar Member
10 Students Representative Mrunal Vichare Member
Sahil Mahadik Member
11 Non- Teaching Staff Mr. Vasudev Pokharnkar Member
Mr. Satish Gode Member

click here for office order

click here to read An Act to prohibit ragging in educational institutions in the State of Maharashtra