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Success Stories

Some of the talented alumni have generously shared their career stories, including their career paths since graduating from Vidyalankar Polytechnic; resources and experiences that have influenced their employment choices; and details about their current positions. The purpose of these profiles is to offer career insights to you from alumni who share the Vidyalankar experience and can offer a viewpoint into the multitude of career options one can pursue after graduation.

Apoorva Panchal

Year of Graduation: 2011


Its been years since I have passed out from VP but the memories are still afresh and the journey has been always cherished. Here, the faculty and management always tries their always tries their best to create a perfect blend of atmosphere and culture which not only enables students to score well but also to develop several skills. Practical orientation towards teaching as well as equipped laboratories available in VP ensures significant enhancement in technical skills and scientific temper. Apart from this various activities with diverse groups helped me imbibe

Abhijeet Gupta

Year Of Graduation : 2008


“Key things I learned in life and How Vidyalankar Helped me become what I am today”

 So the journey started in Yr. 2006, I just came out of school(with just baby mustaches) and this was my 1st taste of actual college life. As a reserved and shy guy I had phobia of college life(blame Bollywood movies or our society) , I used to feel how can i survive in college and I was dead sure that I am not going to survive 3 Giant years of Diploma. Somehow with all my courage and low confidence I entered into new phase of my life- 1st day of college and Classroom(level 1 Crossed).

Days passed, then weeks passed and don’t know exactly how and when Vidyalankar College accepted me like an old friend and provided me all the mental comfort which i needed that moment. Soon I started spending more time in college than my home. In-fact college become my second home and I was loving it from the core of my heart.

In coming years I made friends of Life-time and learned lessons of life-time also and I must say it was beautiful. Soon come the last semester which in-fact was a turning point of my career, 1st time i made something of my own and lead a team(just 4 people) but this what gave me confidence that I can create something of my own and I can become a leader also, I give full credit to faculty of Vidyalankar who pushed me harder to achieve this goal and in same time given me all help and support as and when i need it. In those days I found a new Abhijeet Gupta and i owe this to Vidyalankar. Thank you for helping me find Myself.’


Alumni Of Vidyalankar Polytechnic

Vazid Bashir Momin

Year of Graduation: 2009

I still  remember my first day in college. I was so excited to meet new people.I didn’t know how I have to behave just to fit in. But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends who are still my best buddies even till now. Just to say I haven’t see such beautiful friend and teachers who were always supportive across all the time. So, my advise friends you will never get such wonderful faculty and education any where across the Mumbai.

Sunil Thube

Year of Graduation: 2009

Vidyalankar is brand in education as well as in conducting many social activities and I am happy to be part of that activities. Since 2009, I am working in vidyalankar family because I wanted to do something for my college. I am part of many technical projects which are currently being implemented in vidyalankar such as V-Print (in-house printing solution for student), Server and desktop Virtualization, Network Designing and implementing, Wi-Fi solution, network security, cloud computing and so on. My life is changed while working on such kind of environment. It is an amazing experience for me. Last but not least I am very thankful to my teachers because of them; I have reached to this level with their constant support. Built confidence in me. I am feeling very proud to be the part of this family. Thanks to vidyalankar.