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The laboratories of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department allow faculty and students to transcend traditional academic exploration and focus on advanced networks and technology. Students and faculty work in collaboration to study the scientific understanding of how the world works and discover new technologies.

Lab No. Name of Laboratory Name of Equipment
L-14A Digital Electronics Laboratory Digital Trainer Kit

Electronic Kit

Regulated Power supply



L-14B Measurement and Computer System Laboratory DC Position Servometer ,

Load Cell Demonstartor,


Linear variable displacement transducer,

Proportional Integral Derivative Controller Kit,

Programmable Logic controller Trainer Kit,

Photoelectric Tacho-Generator,

Resistance Temperature Detector kit.


L-15 Electrical Technology Laboratory Transformer: 1 phase, 1 KVA, 2A, 

Auto-Transformer: 1 phase, 1 KVA, 2V,

Hi-Fi Amplifier Trainer Kit ,

Auto-Transformer: 3 phase, 415 V, 10 A,

Single Phase Induction Motor: 1HP, 48 KW, 1440RPM, 1.75 A,

Three Phase Induction Motor:  1HP, 1440RPM, 1.25 A, 0.75KW,

DC regulated Power Supply:  0-30V, 3A,

Function Generator : 2 MHz,

SCR Characteristics kit,

Power BJT Characteristic Kit,

Class C Commutation Kit

L-16A Advanced Communication Laboratory Modulation/Demodulation Kits,

PLL IC565 as FM Demodualtor,

Fiber Optics Trainer Kit,

Mobile Trainer Kit,

GSM Trainer Kit,

Microwave Test Bench,

TV Trainer Kit

L-16C Embedded System and simulation Laboratory 8051 Development Boards,

8051 Interfacing Boards,

Desktop PCs with Keil u Vision 3 compiler,

Universal Programmer Kit,

PIC controller Kit

L-17A Analog Electronics Laboratory Digital storage Oscilloscope,

JEFT characteristics Kit,

Multistage RC coupled amplified Kit,

LCR-Q Meter,

High Voltage Regulator using IC 723,

Feedback Amplifier,

Miller Sweep Generator    

L-17B Applied Electronics Laboratory Cathode Ray Oscilloscope,

Digital scope Oscilloscope,

Wein Bride Oscillator Kit,

Multivibrator using IC 333,

Digital IC Tester  

L-14B Measurement and Control system Laboratory DC Position Servometer,

Load Cell Demonstrator,


Linear Variable Displacement Transducer ,

Proportional Integrative Derivative Controller Kit,

Programmable Logic controller trainer kit,

Photoelectric Tacho-Generator,

Resistance Temperature Detector Kit   

L-009 PCB Lab UV Exposure machine,

Etching machine,

Photo resist Dip Coating Machine cum Dryer,

PCB cutting Machine ,

Drilling Mchine

V005 Physics Lab digital Veriner Calliper,

Digital micrometer Screw gauge,

Travelling Microscope,

Meter Bridge,


Platinum Resistance,

Thermometer ,

Tuning fork set,


Photo cell,

Joules  Apparatus   

V006 Chemistry Lab PH Meter,

Kipp’s Apparatus,

 Conductivity Meter,


Titration Apparatus,

Glass ware    

V105 Engineering Graphics —